Root Canal Treatment

While much has been written about root canals in the media lately, they remain a proven safe and effective way to treat tooth pain. The vast majority of randomised controlled trials published in scientific, peer-reviewed journal articles highlight root canal treatment as a safe method of relieving the pain caused by a dying or dead nerve, with excellent long-term success rates. The nerve of a tooth can die for a variety of reasons, including bacterial ingress through dental cavities and trauma, such as falling over and knocking your teeth. This is often accompanied by an intense pain which can be relieved in one of two ways –pulling the tooth out or root canal treatment. At Vale Dental, we offer root canal treatment as an excellent method of preserving your teeth and relieving this type of pain.

Root canal treatment generally involves three phases, all of which are done under a strong local anaesthetic so that no pain is felt. The first phase involves the removal of the dead or dying nerve tissue, and placement of a pain relief medicament inside the tooth. The second phase involves shaping the inside of the tooth to clean out all of the bacteria, and creating room for the third phase. This third phase involves “filling” the empty nerve space with a biocompatible and strong sealant material to prevent bacteria from re-infecting the tooth.

At our Brookvale clinic, we use the latest “rotary” root canal instruments to ensure the most thorough and comfortable treatment possible. Following root canal treatment, the majority of teeth remain pain-free and functional for many years. Often a crown or veneer is recommended for root-canal treated teeth, to give them an added strength and durability. Our dentists at Vale Dental will explain the process of root canal treatment in greater detail and explain all of your options at your consultation appointment, and treatment can begin on the spot if you are ready.