Oral Surgery

Some teeth can become badly infected or too broken down to be saved, and at this point they must be taken our to prevent or remove infection in your mouth. Despite the advances of modern day dentistry, there are limits to which teeth can be saved and our dentists at Vale Dental are well placed to guide you in the decision of which teeth to save, and which require removal. At our Brookvale clinic we offer extraction of both children’s and adult’s teeth, including some partially erupted wisdom teeth.


We recognise that the process of removing a tooth can be a daunting experience, so we make sure everything is explained to you before you decide to proceed. Our numbing creams and strong local anaesthetic achieve a powerful feeling of numbness, to the point where by the end of the procedure, some people don’t even realise the tooth has been taken out! Our dentists use a careful and precise technique when extracting teeth that need to be removed, ensuring a comfortable experience and improved healing afterwards. Instructions on the best way to maximise healing are discussed and given to each patient after the procedure.