Latest Generation Dentures

Dentures are a traditional, well-established method of replacing missing teeth. Around for hundreds of years, dentures range from a single tooth replacement to top and bottom full dentures. While implants are an excellent solution to replace missing teeth in a fixed, permanent way, unfortunately many people are not suited to implants for a range of reasons, from poor bone quality to medical contraindications and young or old age. In these scenarios, dentures are a quick, non-invasive and cost-effective method of replacing missing teeth which improve a person’s chewing, speaking and appearance.

Here in Brookvale we provide the three main types of denture – acrylic, cast-metal and the new “flexible” dentures. Acrylic dentures are the traditional method of denture construction, particularly suited to replacing full sets of teeth. Their advantage is their longevity, and the ability to “add” extra teeth to the denture, in the event a patient loses more teeth down the track. Our dentists are also able to offer digitally designed cast-metal dentures, which are usually lighter, stronger and more comfortable than their acrylic counterparts. At Vale Dental we also offer the newest “flexible” dentures, the most lightweight dentures available for aesthetic, life-like results.

Dentures are designed to last many years but do require adequate care and attention. Our dentists ensure the comfortable adaptation of each denture on fitting and offer follow-up appointments and adjustments as needed. We advise our patients on how to use and look after them, including the best method for keeping them clean and preventing plaque build-up. We have patients that have been wearing dentures for over fifty years who couldn’t be happier!

While our dentists at Vale Dental able to create dentures, we also have a dedicated Prosthetist who regularly visits and is able to offer her expertise and talents to create dentures for our patients. Call us today to enquire!