General Dentistry

Vale Dental is a well-established dental practice in Brookvale which has been open for almost a decade. Our dentists believe in a holistic approach to treatment, taking into account each patient’s teeth, mouth and overall health before suggesting a variety of treatment options. We understand that each patient is unique with different expectations, so we set aside extra time during our consultations to listen to your needs and devise a plan that suits you personally.

From our clinic in Brookvale, we offer an extensive variety of services. We believe oral hygiene is the bedrock of good oral health and we encourage our patients to regularly attend for check-ups and cleans with our dentists, who monitor and catch potential problems before they cause grief in the future. Our dentists use the highest quality, TGA-approved tooth-coloured materials for our fillings to ensure strong and aesthetic results, while our whitening technology has consistently provided our patients with beautiful white smiles for over ten years.

When more “major” dental treatments are required, Vale Dental is well-equipped with the latest technology. Our crowns and veneers are done using local, high quality dental laboratories with a quick turnaround time. We perform root canals using advanced rotary systems, enabling us to achieve quick and accurate pain relief with long-term results. Our implants are placed using guided keyhole surgery to ensure they are placed in the thickest, highest quality bone available for the strongest stability. At Vale Dental we also provide all of the other services you would expect to find at your dentist, including dentures, extractions, mouthguards and many more.